R. D. Carmichael

The Theory of Relativity (Classic Reprint)

2010; Forgotten Books; 1440092168
THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY. CHAPTER L INTRODUCTION. SS 1. THE FOUNDATWNS OF PHYSICS. TIroSE who look on physics from the outside not infrequently have the feeling that it has forgotten some of its philosophical foundations. Even among its Own workers this condition of the science has not entirely escaped notice. The physicist, who, above an other men, has to deal with space and time, has fallen into certain conventions concerning them of which he is often not aware. It may be true that these conventions are just the ones which he should make. It is certain, however, that they should be made only by one who is fully conscious of their nature as conventions and does not look upon them as fixed realities beyond the power of the investigator to modify. Likewise, a question arises as to what element of convention is involved in our usual conceptions of mass, energy, etc.; that the question is not easily answered becomes apparent on reflection. These and many otherTable of Contents CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION; PAGE; 1 THE FOU~'DATIO:-'"S OF PHYSICS * * 7; 2 ARE THE LAWS 0"7 ~ATURE RELATIVE TO THE OBSERVER? * 8; 3* THE ST~TE OF THE ETHER 9; 4* ':10,E:llE::-::T OF TIlE ERTH THROUGH THE ETHER 10; S* THE TEST OF ::IICHELSO~ A::-::]) :IORLEY 10; (" OTHER EXPERDIEXTAL I::-::"ESTIGTIO::-::S 13; THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY IS I:-'"DEPEXDE~T OF THE ETHER 14; CHAPTER II THE POSTULTES OF REL:TIVITY; 8 l::-::TRODUCTION IS; 9* SVSTE:IS OF REFERE::-::CE 16; 10 THE FIRST CHARACTERISTIC POSTULTE 17; I: THE SPSCO::-::D CUARCTERISTIC POSTULTE 17; 12 THE POSTULATES V AND L 22; 13* CO"SISTENCY AND INDEPENDE:-'"CE OF THE POSTULTES 24; 14* OTHER POSTULATES NEEDED 25; C1-LPTER Ill THE ':1ESURE:IE~T OF LE~GTH A~D TIME; r S; I{I; 1 1"; IS; 19; 20; 21; 22; 23*; RI:LTW::-::S BETvEE~ THE TnlE U::-::ITS OF Two SYSTE:IS * * 27; FLLTl()XS IlI::TWEE'-i Till:: U:-'"ITS OF LE'-iGTH OF Two SySTEMS 32; Dr,;( T,," [(): ()F THE X OTI()X ()F LEXGTH 34; DISCCSS[()X