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Derek Marsh (2013) Handbook of Lipid Bilayers, Second Edition; CRC Press; 1420088327
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Philip Rubin, Louis S. Constine, Lawrence B. Marks (2013) ALERT Adverse Late Effects of Cancer Treatment: Volume 2: Normal Tissue Specific Sites and Systems (Medical Radiology / Radiation Oncology); Springer; 3540758623
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Ramon Aparicio-Ruiz, John Harwood (2013) Handbook of Olive Oil: Analysis and Properties; Springer; 146147776X
Robbe Wunschiers (2013) Computational Biology: A Practical Introduction to BioData Processing and Analysis with Linux, MySQL, and R; Springer; 3642347487
Alan J. Barrett, Neil D. Rawlings, J. Fred Woessner (2013) Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes, Third Edition; Academic Press; 012382219X
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George W. Carey (2013) The Tree of Life: An Expose of Physical Regenesis on the Three-Fold Plane of Bodily, Chemical and Spiritual Operation; Martino Fine Books; 1614274630
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Walter Stiles (2013) Trace Elements in Plants; Cambridge University Press; 1107698375
Trudy McKee, James R. McKee (2013) Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life Updated Fifth Edition; Oxford University Press; 0199316708
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Ximena Wortsman, Gregor B.E. Jemec (2013) Dermatologic Ultrasound with Clinical and Histologic Correlations; Springer; 1461471834
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David G. Nicholls, Stuart Ferguson (2013) Bioenergetics, Fourth Edition; Academic Press; 012388425X
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Abba Kastin (2013) Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides, Second Edition; Academic Press; 0123850959
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Jim De Yoreo (2013) Research Methods in BIomineralization Science, Volume 532 (Methods in Enzymology); Academic Press; 0124166172
Wojciech Mazur, Marilyn J. Siegel, Tomasz Miszalski-Jamka, Robert Pelberg (2013) CT Atlas of Adult Congenital Heart Disease; Springer; 1447150872
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Graham Seymour, Gregory A. Tucker, Mervin Poole, James Giovannoni (2013) The Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Fruit Ripening; Wiley-Blackwell; 0813820391
Sergio Viana, Maria Custodia Machado Ribeiro, Bruno Beber Machado (2013) Joint Imaging in Childhood and Adolescence; Springer; 3642358756
Greg T. Hermanson (2013) Bioconjugate Techniques, Third Edition; Academic Press; 0123822394
A Joseph Layon, Andrea Gabrielli, William A. Friedman (2013) Textbook of Neurointensive Care; Springer; 1447152255
Edward A. Greenfield (2013) Antibodies A Laboratory Manual, Second edition; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; 1936113813
Lisa Plitnick, Danuta Herzyk (2013) Nonclinical Development of Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Vaccines and Specialty Biologics; Academic Press; 012394810X
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Jan B. Parys, Martin Bootman, David I. Yule, Geert Bultynck (2013) Calcium Techniques: A Laboratory Manual; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; 1936113589
Vasyl Andrushko, Natalia Andrushko (2013) Stereoselective Synthesis of Drugs and Natural Products (2 Vol set); Wiley; 1118032179
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Arieh Ben-Naim (2013) The Protein Folding Problem and Its Solutions; World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814436364
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Kenneth V. Honn, Lawrence J. Marnett, Santosh Nigam, Charles N. Serhan, Edward A. Dennis (2013) Eicosanoids and Other Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation, and Radiation Injury, 5 (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) (Volume 507); Springer; 1461349605
Hermann J. Heege (2013) Precision in Crop Farming: Site Specific Concepts and Sensing Methods: Applications and Results; Springer; 9400767595
Robert H. Kretsinger, Vladimir N. Uversky, Eugene A. Permyakov (2013) Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins; Springer; 1461415322
Stefan Hahnel (2013) Inflammatory Diseases of the Brain (Medical Radiology / Diagnostic Imaging); Springer; 3642305199
Fiona Campbell, Caroline S. Verbeke (2013) Pathology of the Pancreas: A Practical Approach; Springer; 1447124480
Shuichi Kinoshita (2013) Pattern Formations and Oscillatory Phenomena; Elsevier; 0123970148
Andrzej Moniuszko, B. Adrian Kesala (2013) Nuclear Cardiology Study Guide: A Technologist's Review for Passing Specialty Certification Exams; Springer; 1461486440
George R. Blumenschein (2013) Quest for the Cure: Reflections on the Evolution of Breast Cancer Treatment; Academic Press; 0124201539
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