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Patrick Peter, Jean-Philippe Uzan (2013) Primordial Cosmology (Oxford Graduate Texts); Oxford University Press; 019966515X
Kevin Falls (2013) Asymptotic Safety and Black Holes (Springer Theses); Springer; 3319012932
Jonathan Pearson (2013) Generalized Perturbations in Modified Gravity and Dark Energy (Springer Theses); Springer; 3319012096
William F. van Altena (2013) Astrometry for Astrophysics: Methods, Models, and Applications; Cambridge University Press; 0521519209
Mark Anthony Reynolds (2013) Twentieth Century Physics; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1479390208
Richard L Amoroso, Louis H Kauffman, Peter Rowlands, Richard L Amoroso, Louis H Kauffman, Peter Rowlands (2013) The Physics of Reality : Space, Time, Matter, Cosmos - Proceedings of the 8th Symposium Honoring Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier; World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814504777
Pisin Chen, Pisin Chen (2013) Towards Ultimate Understanding of the Universe; World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814449369
Kurt Sundermeyer (2013) Symmetries in Fundamental Physics (Fundamental Theories of Physics); Springer; 9400776411
Luc Blanchet, Alessandro Spallicci, Bernard Whiting (2013) Mass and Motion in General Relativity (Fundamental Theories of Physics); Springer; 9400735030
Andrzej Krasinski, George F. R. Ellis, Malcolm A.H. MacCallum (2013) Golden Oldies in General Relativity: Hidden Gems; Springer; 3642345042
Ziauddin Sardar, Bruce Bassett, J. P. McEvoy, Iwona Abrams, Ralph Edney (2013) Introducing Graphic Guide box set - Great Theories of Science: A Graphic Guide; Icon Books; 1848314558
Chris Carvell (2013) Strange Entities: Quantum Processes linking Creation and Consciousness: An exploration connecting Material Reality and Non-Material Reality; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1489597751
Alfredo Macias, Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota, Claus Lammerzahl (2013) Exact Solutions and Scalar Fields in Gravity: Recent Developments; Springer; 1475782004
SIr Arthur Stanley Eddington (2013) Space Time and Gravitation - An Outline of The General Relativity Theory; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1483968200
V G Gurzadyan, V G Gurzadyan, A Klumper, A G Sedrakyan (2013) Low Dimensional Physics and Gauge Principles: Matinyan's Festschrift; World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814440337
Paolo Amore, John Dirk Walecka (2013) Introduction to Modern Physics: Solutions to Problems; World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814520314
Sean Alan Hayward, Sean Alan Hayward (2013) Black Holes: New Horizons; World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814425699
Jean-Daniel Bancal (2013) On the Device-Independent Approach to Quantum Physics: Advances in Quantum Nonlocality and Multipartite Entanglement Detection (Springer Theses); Springer; 3319011820
Allen Everett, Thomas Roman (2013) Time Travel and Warp Drives: A Scientific Guide to Shortcuts through Time and Space; University Of Chicago Press; 022604548X
Craig Callender (2013) The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Time (Oxford Handbooks); Oxford University Press; 019967955X
Bob Ticer (2013) A Mystic History In Light Of Physics; Unusual Books; 0970125445
Claudia Moreno Gonzalez, Jose Edgar Madriz Aguilar, Luz Marina Reyes Barrera (2013) Accelerated Cosmic Expansion: Proceedings of the Fourth International Meeting on Gravitation and Cosmology (Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings); Springer; 3319020625
Catarina Lobo, Margarida Serote Roos, Andrea Biviano (2013) Galaxy Evolution in Groups and Clusters: A JENAM 2002 Workshop Porto, Portugal 3-5 September 2002; Springer; 9401039755
Ta-Pei Cheng (2013) Einstein's Physics: Atoms, Quanta, and Relativity - Derived, Explained, and Appraised; Oxford University Press; 0199669910
Valerio Faraoni (2013) Special Relativity (Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics); Springer; 3319011065
David Ellwood, David Ellwood, Igor Rodnianski, Gigliola Staffilani, Jared Wunsch (2013) Evolution Equations (Clay Mathematics Proceedings); American Mathematical Society & the Clay Mathematics Institute; 0821868616
Jong-Ping Hsu, Leonardo Hsu (2013) Space-Time Symmetry and Quantum Yang Mills Gravity : How Space-Time Translational Gauge Symmetry Enables the Unification of Gravity with Other Forces (Advanced Series on Theoretical Physical Science); World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814436186
S.P. Puri (2013) General Theory of Relativity; Pearson; 8131795683
Brian Clegg (2013) Build Your Own Time Machine; Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd; 0715645188
Walter Greiner (2013) Exciting Interdisciplinary Physics: Quarks and Gluons / Atomic Nuclei / Relativity and Cosmology / Biological Systems (FIAS Interdisciplinary Science Series); Springer; 3319000462
T. Musha, T. Musha, M. J. Pinheiro, T. Valone (2013) Gravitoelectromagnetic Theories and Their Applications to Advanced Science & Technology (Physica Research and Technology); Nova Science Publishers, Inc.; 1628082100
Massimo Inguscio, Leonardo Fallani (2013) Atomic Physics: Precise Measurements and Ultracold Matter; Oxford University Press; 0198525842
Dr. Dennis P. Allen Jr., Dr. Jeremy Dunning-Davies (2013) Neo-Newtonian Mechanics With Extension To Relativistic Velocities: Part !: Non-Radiative Effects (Volume 1); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1491024895
Dr. Roger D Blomquist M.D. (2013) Integrated Theory of Consciousness; Millington House Publishing; 0989354083
F. W. Stecker, Nasa Technical Reports Server (Ntrs) (2013) Implications of Ultrahigh Energy Air Showers for Physics and Astrophysics; BiblioGov; 1289290237
John Gilbert Bean, Maureen Bean (2013) The Universe, Space, and Beyond; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1494403846
Christoph Schiller (2013) Motion Mountain - vol. 2 - The Adventure of Physics: Relativity (Volume 2); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1494409976
Ken Johnson (2013) Cosmology in a Nutshell;; 1470943662
Spiros Cotsakis, Gary W. Gibbons (2013) Global Structure and Evolution in General Relativity: Proceedings of the First Samos Meeting on Cosmology, Geometry and Relativity Held at Karlovassi, ... 5-7 September 1994 (Lecture Notes in Physics); Springer; 3662140721
Mr. Sebastian Aloysius A (2013) Accelerating Universe and its Structure: expansion of universe; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1494836831
Dan Green (2013) One Hundred Physics Visualizations Using Matlab: (With DVD-ROM); World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814518441
Bernhard Riemann, Richard Dedekind, Heinrich Martin Weber (2013) Bernard Riemann's gesammelte mathematische Werke und wissenschaftlicher Nachlass (Cambridge Library Collection - Mathematics) (German Edition); Cambridge University Press; 110805935X
Richard C. Tolman (2013) The Theory of the Relativity of Motion; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1484802446
Ashok K. Sinha (2013) New Dimensions In Elementary Particle Physics And Cosmology Second Edition; XLIBRIS; 1483617300
Thomas A. Moore (2013) Six Ideas that Shaped Physics: Unit R- The Laws of Physics are Frame; McGraw Hill; 1259097102
Ilexa Yardley (2013) Circularity; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1482500035
Jose Natario (2013) General Relativity Without Calculus: A Concise Introduction to the Geometry of Relativity (Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics); Springer; 3642270506
Mr Jeffrey B O'Callaghan (2013) The Imagineer's Chronicles Vol. 4 2013: A Journey through Four Spatial Dimensions (Volume 4); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1494312646
Paul Zecos, Alex Zecos (2013) Book of Truth: The Theory of Everything; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1489569677
Amrit Sorli (2013) The Physics of Now: Eternity is NOW; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1492129593
Dennis Russell Morris (2013) Empty Space is Amazing Stuff: The Special Theory of Relativity and The Nature of Space (Pantaneto Introductory Physics Series); The Pantaneto Press; 0954978072
Yakov Terletskii (2013) Paradoxes in the Theory of Relativity; Springer; 1489926763
Hermann Thorisson (2013) Coupling, Stationarity, and Regeneration (Probability and Its Applications); Springer; 1461270553
Albert Einstein, John Gahan FIE (2013) The Meaning of Relativity: Four Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, 1921; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1482061880
Ulrich Meyer (2013) The Nature of Time; Oxford University Press; 0199599335
Jesse M Chandler (2013) The Unified Field Theory; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1492855227
Ernst Mach, Thomas J. McCormack (2013) The Science of Mechanics: A Critical and Historical Exposition of its Principles (Cambridge Library Collection - Physical Sciences); Cambridge University Press; 1108066488
Cliff Hays (2013) Essays in Science and Philosophy [2004 - 2009]; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1491236647
Jacques Vauthier (2013) All was Made According to Measure and Numbers: A Story on the New Metaphysics of Numbers; ESKA Publishing; 2747218902
Sanat Kumar Chatterjee (2013) Fundamental Physics: An Introduction; Alpha Science International Ltd; 1842658212
Gerhard Grensing (2013) Structural Aspects of Quantum Field Theory and Noncommutative Geometry; World Scientific Publishing Company; 9814472697
Qing-ping Ma (2013) The Theory of Relativity: Principles, Logic and Experimental Foundation (Physics Research and Technology); Nova Science Pub Inc; 1628087463
Feliciano T Bantilan (2013) Einstein in Verse: Introduction to Special and General Relativity; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1492896098
Buckley Arabella B. (Arabell 1840-1929) (2013) The Fairy-Land of Science; HardPress Publishing; 1313986631
Siegmund Brandt (2013) The Harvest of a Century: Discoveries of Modern Physics in 100 Episodes; Oxford University Press; 0199673780
Syed Twareque Ali, Jean-Pierre ANTOINE, JP Gazeau (2013) Coherent States, Wavelets, and Their Generalizations (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics); Springer; 1461485347
Claude Barrabes, Peter A. Hogan (2013) Advanced General Relativity: Gravity Waves, Spinning Particles, and Black Holes (International Series of Monographs on Physics); Oxford University Press; 0199680698
Mr Jeremy Staines (2013) On The Electromagnetic Medium: Maxwell's Ether and Other Matters.; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1492199249
Christoph Schiller (2013) Motion Mountain - vol. 6 - The Adventure of Physics: The Strand Model - A Speculation on Unification (Volume 6); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1494420015
Joseph C. Kolecki, Nasa Technical Reports Server (Ntrs) (2013) Foundations of Tensor Analysis for Students of Physics and Engineering with an Introduction to the Theory of Relativity; BiblioGov; 128925642X
Adrian M. Chadwick, Catriona D. Gibson (2013) Memory, Myth and Long-Term Landscape Inhabitation (Celtic Studies Publications); Oxbow Books; 1782973931
Thomas G. Schumann (2013) Reality and Consciousness; The Round Thing; 0976886642
Larry S. Chandler (2013) Relativity or Reality; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 149731206X
Harold E Ensle (2013) The Electromagnetic Universe 2nd Edition; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 149091059X
R. K. Pathria (2012) The Theory of Relativity (Dover Books on Physics); Dover Publications; 0486428192
Verma, Keshav Dev (2012) Vedic Physics: Towards Unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity (India Scientific Heritage); Motilal Banarsidass; 8120832701
Miriam Lazar (2012) Let's Review Physics (Barron's Let's Review); Barron's Educational Series; 0764142070
James H. Smith (2012) Introduction to Special Relativity; Dover Publications; 048668895X
Jacob T. Schwartz (2012) Relativity in Illustrations; Dover Publications; 048625965X
Hermann Bondi (2012) Relativity and Common Sense: A New Approach to Einstein; Dover Publications; 0486240215
Ernst Cassirer (2012) Substance and Function, and Einstein's Theory of Relativity (Classic Reprint); Forgotten Books; 144006895X
H. A. Lorentz (2012) The Theory of Electrons and Its Applications to the Phenomena, of Light and Radiant Heat, a Course of Lectures Delivered in Columbia, University, New York, in March and April (Classic Reprint); Forgotten Books; 1440088780
Hermann Weyl (2012) Space-Time-Matter (Classic Reprint); Forgotten Books; 1440082685
Masud Chaichian, Ioan Merches, Anca Tureanu (2012) Mechanics: An Intensive Course; Springer; 3642163904
Christopher Joseph Fleischman (2012) The Theory of Absolutism: A Unification of the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory; American Book Publishing; 1589825462
Luis Manuel Braga de Costa Campos (2012) Macroscopic Matter plus Quanta and Relativity (Mathematical and Physics for Science and Technology); CRC Press; 1420071734
Valerio Faraoni (2012) Cosmology in Scalar-Tensor Gravity (Fundamental Theories of Physics); Springer; 9048165644
George F. R. Ellis, Roy Maartens, Malcolm A. H. MacCallum (2012) Relativistic Cosmology; Cambridge University Press; 0521381150
Gregory L. Naber (2012) The Geometry of Minkowski Spacetime: An Introduction to the Mathematics of the Special Theory of Relativity (Applied Mathematical Sciences); Springer; 1441978372
Alvin Halpern (2012) McGraw-Hill's 500 College Physics Questions: Ace Your College Exams (Mcgraw-Hill's 500 Questions); McGraw-Hill; 0071789820
Robert E Kennedy (2012) A Student's Guide to Einstein's Major Papers; Oxford University Press, USA; 0199694036
Robert M. Metzger (2012) The Physical Chemist's Toolbox; Wiley; 047088925X
Andrew Whitaker (2012) The New Quantum Age: From Bell's Theorem to Quantum Computation and Teleportation; Oxford University Press, USA; 0199589135
Eric Gourgoulhon (2012) 3+1 Formalism in General Relativity: Bases of Numerical Relativity (Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 846); Springer; 3642245242
John D. Barrow (2012) The Book of Universes: Exploring the Limits of the Cosmos; W. W. Norton & Company; 0393343111
Ernest M Henley, J Gregory Dash (2012) Physics Around Us: How and Why Things Work; World Scientific Publishing Company; 981435063X
Tasneem Zehra (2012) The Fire in the Equations; Paul Dry Books; 1589880773
Shlomo Sternberg (2012) Curvature in Mathematics and Physics (Dover Books on Mathematics); Dover Publications; 0486478556
Gary T. Horowitz (2012) Black Holes in Higher Dimensions; Cambridge University Press; 1107013453
Andrew Zangwill (2012) Modern Electrodynamics; Cambridge University Press; 0521896975
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